21 Mar 2011

Listening Test - Report


Hello my dearest students, are ready to study with me?
In this section, I will give you listening task about report genre. There will be Pre-Listening, Whilst Listening, and Post-Listening. Before we move on those activities, pay attention on the generic structure of the report genre. Here a give you a brief explanation:

Please have a look at these pictures below, and match the pictures with the provided sentences below the pictures.




Now, please match the sentences below with the pictures above!

  1. A tornado is a violent, dangerous rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud.
  2. A volcano is an opening in a planet's surface which allows magma, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from below the surface.
  3. An earthquake is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that create seismic wave.

Whilst Listening
The next activity is listening to a monologue. Listen carefully to a monologue below and answer the questions!
Listening_Report_Natural Disaster.mp3
just simply click the play button

source: www.haarrr.wordpress.com

Now, please answer these questions.
1. What is the title of the monologue?
2. Mention 3 types of natural disaster based on the monologue!
3. What is a fault line?
4. How many active volcanoes in the world?
5. Can we predict earthquakes and volcanoes?

Complete the paragraph below with appropriate words based on the monologue!
Volcanoes happen where the earth’s (1)......... is thin - lava, dust and gases burst out (erupt) from (2)......... the earth. They can rise into a (3).......... cone shape - like a (4)......... and erupt, or they can be so violent that they just explode directly from the earth with no warning. There are (5).......... ‘active’ volcanoes in the world. This means that they may still be dangerous.

Find the synonym of the words below from the monologue!
1. burst out
2. giant
3. slam against each other
4. portend
5. calamity

Click here to download the answer sheet
Please submit your work trough my e-mail at bintangsenja.aeni@gmail.com with subject Listening Report_Your Full Name_Your Class before Monday, March 28, 2011. Those who are late, I consider they don't submit the assignments.

Please feel free if you have any questions, leave a comment.
Good Luck :)

For further study about report monologue, listen carefully to the monologue below about Orchid.

Click the play button

What you have to do after listening to the monologue is: try to analyze the structure, of course you have to make transcription of the monologue first, and then, list some specific terms relate to the report monologue you find!
You do not have to submit this exercise, do it on your book and we will discuss it in the next meeting.

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